Breck Primary School is a Community Primary School for Primary School age children between 2 and 11 years and its admissions for the pre school are administered by the school office; admissions for statutory school aged children are controlled and administered by Lancashire County Council.

The school can be contacted initially to enquire about places available however most year groups are currently oversubscribed and therefore all applications for oversubscribed classes would have to be made via the Pupil Access Team, Area North Lancashire, PO Box 606, White Cross Education Centre, Quarry Road, Lancaster, LA1 3SQ.

Phone : 01524 581148

Email :

Details can be found via the Lancashire County Council Website as follows:  

Online admissions open with Lancashire County Council on the 1st September each year prior to a child commencing the Reception intake and close on the 15th January each January.

Determined admission policy and proposed documents can be found on the Lancashire County Council website: