Open Days

Open Days for 2021

We normally schedule plenty of opportunities to view our school during the Autumn Term (September to November each year) to enable parents to view our innovative approach to teaching in a unique setting – teaching excellence at its best.

However current restrictions mean we are unable to proceed as normal.  

Please email the school to express an interest in our school for your child who is due to start Reception Class in September 2021.  

We are putting together information, a virtual video tour and setting up a Zoom Q&A session – all of which will be coming out during November 2020.

If you have not already done so you should register your child on the admissions portal in order to apply for a primary school of your choice.  If you pay your Council Tax in Wyre or Fylde then please apply through the Lancashire County Council website.  If you pay your Council Tax in Blackpool then please apply through the Blackpool Council website.  Your application will be delayed and treated as a late application if you do not use the correct portal.
You must apply for a place using this online method – having older siblings on roll does not automatically give you a place at the school of your choice.  The application portal is open now and will close on the 15th January 2021 – you can access the portal and amend your choices at any time between now and the closing date.  
Applying for a school place at The Breck is not dependent on attending our nursery nor residing in a “catchment” area. 
All parents have 3 choices and all choices are measured equally against each school’s admission criteria.  The distance you live from ours or any other school will determine where you are listed against a school’s criteria but this distance will move and change each year – for instance if we have a high number of siblings the distance is as the crow flies and can be shorter than in those years when we have lower number of siblings applying for a place – to be clear the admission criteria for a community school within Lancashire Education Authority is as follows:
  1. Children looked after (either currently looked after or adopted from care)
  2. Children with an Education Health Care Plan
  3. Children with older brothers/sisters on roll
  4. Children who live in the geographic area (as the crow flies) up to the maximum admission number for the school.
Our admission number each year is 35
Our best advice to parents who are applying for a primary school place would be as follows:
  • Make sure you include 3 schools in your application
  • Be thoughtful about your choices and where you may be on each school’s admission criteria – be prepared that you may need to compromise if your first choice is not attainable
  • Of the 3 schools include the school you love, a school which is close to your home and a back up plan (in effect this could be all the same school but still fill up your choices as once the form is submitted you will only be measured against the criteria for the schools on your application form)  
  • All 4 schools in Poulton are popular and are full or oversubscribed at each years Reception admission/intake date
  • Rank your schools in preference of where you would like your child to attend (if the school on your doorstep is your third choice you are more likely be successful in securing a place at it if you are unsuccessful with choices further away)
  • The schools do not know whether you have ranked them 1,2 or 3 so please don’t be worried about upsetting us – we all understand we have something different to offer families and we are not in competition – we are all Lancashire schools and the education authority allocate children to us based on parental preference
  • We do not have any power or consultation in the allocation of school places
From experience these few points are what most parents wish to speak with us about each year with regard to allocation of school places.  We will be able to answer more of this type of question through the Q&A session we set up.
We will put together a similar list of frequently asked questions with regard to the curriculum delivery and send out to those who have expressed an interest in the next few weeks, however we feel that the video tour and our prospectus will be far more informative with regard to our school.  We have a unique and innovative approach to delivery of a creative curriculum offering breadth of subject matter and this is best experienced through talking to our Headteacher.
Please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any specific questions.  We will try our best to offer as much information as is possible whilst constrained with Covid regulations etc.





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