School Policies

School Policies

You can download the policies listed below which maintained schools must publish online, if you would like to see any others then please contact the school office and we will arrange for you to have a copy of anything specific you would like to see.

Concerns and Complaints

Please always contact us about any concerns and complaints, we have an open door policy at the end of the school day for all parents to speak with the teaching team – either class teachers or teaching assistants.

If you have followed the correct protocol for raising concerns but feel you have not received a satisfactory conclusion you are always able to raise a complaint; in the first instance it should be raised in writing with Mrs Brindle the Headteacher or Mr Raynor the Chair of Governors (all letters to be marked “Strictly Private and Confidential – Complaint”); you will be provided with our Complaints policy and procedure.

Paper Copies

Any parent wishing paper copies of any school documents should contact the school office making their request and these will be provided free of charge.




Download now» Behaviour Policy

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Download now» Concerns and Complaints Policy

Download now» Concerns and Complaints Form