Meet the staff


We have an ever increasing number of staff who provide an invaluable service in making sure that the children are happy, safe and reaching their full potential.

In addition to the staff the school is proud of the pupils, governors and parents who all make a contribution to the running of the school.

We are delighted to have been designated a National Teaching School, this will mean that the school will host and support more graduate students.



Mrs Brindle

Head Teacher

Mrs Brindle (BA Hons QTS, NPQH) leads the school along with her Leadership Team and Governing Body. She is the School's Child Protection Officer (known as the DSL). Mrs Brindle is a National Leader for Education and supports schools with her leadership team.

Mrs Coates


Mrs Coates (BA Hons QTS) Assistant Headteacher is the Early Years and Foundation Stage Co-ordinator, Year 2 Teacher and is part of the Senior Leadership Team, a Specialist Leader for Education she is the Deputy Child Protection Officer (Deputy DSL) working in liaison with Mrs Brindle and Mrs McKinnon.

Mrs McKinnon


Mrs McKinnon (BA Hons PGCE) Assistant Headteacher is the Assessment Co-ordinator and part of the Senior Leadership Team. A Specialist Leader for Education Mrs McKinnon leads the Initial Teacher Training for the Fylde Coast Teaching School Alliance.

Mr Hesketh


Mr Hesketh (BA Hons QTS) Senior Leadership and Rowan Class Teacher forms part of our upper KS2 teaching team. He is the PE Co-ordinator and the Educational Visitors Co-ordinator. Mr Hesketh works with the Wyre Sports Association offering excellence to other primary schools in the Wyre and Fylde area.

Mrs Ellison


Mrs Ellison (BA Hons QTS) is the music coordinator in school on the leadership team and a Specialist Leader of Education with experience of supporting other schools. She is running a very successful school improvement project across Lancashire.

Mrs Churchouse


Mrs Churchouse (BSc QTS SENCO PGCPP) is the school's SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator). Mrs Churchouse runs a drop in session each week for any parent who have specific concerns about their child. On the leadership team she is part of the lower KS2 teaching team in Year 4 Ash Class.

Miss Moore


Miss Moore (BA Hons PGCE NQML) is the Year 6 Class Teacher and part of the upper KS2 teaching team. She is the school's literacy co-ordinator on the leadership team and has qualified with her National Qualification for Middle Leaders of the future with the National College for Teaching and Learning.

Mr Halliwell


Mr Halliwell (BA Hons QTS NQML) is on the leadership team he is the school's maths co-ordinator and has qualified with his National Qualification for Middle Leaders of the future with the National College for Teaching and Learning. Mr Halliwell will be teaching in the Creative Lab working with children from Year 1 and Year 2.

Mrs Fielding


Mrs Fielding (BA Hons QTS) leads the school in art and creativity. She is on the school's leadership team and works closely with the nursery as our Reception Oak Class teacher.

Mrs Spencer


Mrs Spencer (BA Hons QTS NVQ Assessor) supports and mentors the apprentices in school and supports other schools with their apprentices she is on the leadership team and is part of the Year 6 teaching team.

Mr Rosebury


Mr Rosebury (BA Hons PGCE) is one of the Year 5 Class Teachers, he is the school's ICT coordinator.

Mr Vincent


Mr Vincent (BA Hons QTS) will be liaising with Mr Rosebury for ICT and PHSE and is part of the lower KS2 teaching team in Year 3 Maple Class.

Mrs McCann


Mrs McCann our Beanies Nursery Teacher who leads in Beanies and works closely with the whole EYFS team.

Miss E Patisso


Miss Patisso (BA Hons QTS) is our Year 1 Class teacher.

Miss Byrne-Fraser

Graduate Teacher

Miss Byrne-Fraser (BA Hons) our student teacher working in Year 2.

Mrs Taylor

Business Manager

Mrs Taylor (BA Hons FISBL) is the School's Business Manager. Mrs Taylor is a Specialist Leader for Education and a Fellow of the Institute of School Business Leaders. She is an accredited School Resource Management Adviser seconded to the Department for Education.

Miss Naylor

Business Support Officer

Miss Naylor (DSBM) is qualified in school business management and leads the school office in respect of pupil/parent liaison. She manages extended services for the school and coordinates transport.

Mrs Bennett

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bennett (L5 Dip Ed) is one of the school's High Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA), she works in Year 6 as part of the upper KS2 teaching team and is our school's modern foreign language coordinator and on the leadership team.

Miss Taylor

Teaching Assistant

Miss Taylor (L5 Dip Ed) is a HLTA Teaching Assistant and works in Year 4 as part of the lower KS2 teaching team and is currently completing her degree in education. Miss T leads the after school club on Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs Hunter

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hunter (BA Hons NPMQ) teaching assistant who is the school's pastoral officer and has achieved her national qualification in mentoring.

Mrs Curran

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Curran (L5 HND) is a teaching assistant in school supporting children with identified needs.

Mrs Murphy

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Murphy (NVQ L3) one of our hugely experienced teaching assistants forms part of the lower KS2 teaching team based in Year 2 Elm with Mrs Coates.

Ms O'Toole

Teaching Assistant

Ms O'Toole (L5 Dip Ed) is one of the teaching assistants supporting creative work with EYFS/KS1 children in the Creative Lab with Mr Halliwell.

Mrs Clarke

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clarke (BA Hons PGCE) working in KS2 classes and based in Year 4.

Mrs Kellett

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kellett (NVQ L2) is a teaching assistant working in Year 3 with Mr Vincent and runs the library.

Miss Garrett

Teaching Assistant

Miss Garrett (NVQ L2) is one of the teaching assistants working with Miss Patisso as part of the Year 1 teaching team. Miss Garrett is in breakfast club and after school club each day.

Mrs Wylie

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wylie (BA Hons) is a HLTA working as part of the EYFS teaching team running the Eco Pod. Mrs Wylie trains and leads our young first aider programme.

Mrs Duncan

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Duncan (BA Hons NVQ3) is a Teaching Assistant who complements the team work in the Nursery and will be leading creativity in the EYFS.

Mrs Fisher

Club Worker

Mrs Fisher is the longest serving member of the Breck Team. Mrs Fisher works in the breakfast club each morning as a club worker and then every day at lunch time as one of the Welfare Assistants.

Mrs Rothwell

Club Worker

Mrs Rothwell (NVQ L3) works in the after school club as a club worker and in school during the lunch time as one of Welfare Assistants, she also supports learning in the Nursery every afternoon.

Miss Velez

Club Worker

Miss Velez works in the after school club as a club worker and in school during the lunch time as one of Welfare Assistants.

Mrs Robinson

Catering Manager

Mrs Robinson runs the school kitchen. Mrs Robinson is responsible for the catering and welfare teams and has successfully supported local schools with their catering provision and is on the school leadership team.

Mrs Taylor

Catering Assistant

Mrs Taylor works with Mrs Robinson in the kitchen preparing wonderful meals for the children.

Mrs Hill

Catering Assistant

Mrs Hill is part of the catering team working with Mrs Robinson and Mrs Taylor.

Mrs Smith

Business Support Officer

Mrs Smith is part of the facilities team looking after health and safety and procurement.

Mrs Barlow, Miss Burton, Mrs Hindle, Mrs O'Brien, Mrs Jay, Miss Owen.

Welfare Assistant

As the school expands so too does our very dedicated team of Welfare Assistants.

Mr Smith

Site Supervisor

Mr Smith is responsible for Grounds Maintenance and keeping the outside of school safe and beautiful.

Miss Burton, Miss Entwistle, Mrs Green, Ms Lewin/Miss Robinson


Our wonderful cleaning team.

Miss Bird, Miss Counsell, Miss Russell and Mr Taylor

Club Worker

The play leaders who work for the Voluntary Management Committee in the breakfast and after school club - Kool Kidz Club