Meet the staff

Our ethos is to be aspirant for all.  In particular we have a passion for excellence in teaching and have for many years run teacher training with various partners.  This passion has helped to get many aspirant teachers “Get into Teaching” and indeed has fostered strong relations with partners who share our vision.  We are pro-active with the use of our apprenticeship levy and in ensuring we always have a cohort of staff who are accessing professional training.

Mrs Brindle

Head Teacher

Mrs Brindle (BA Hons QTS, NPQH) SLT - Teaching and Learning - Operations - DSL

Mrs Coates


Mrs Coates (BA Hons QTS) Assistant Headteacher SENCO, DSL - SLT

Mr Hesketh


Mr Hesketh (BA Hons QTS) PE, EVCO, DT - Rowan Class Teacher - KS2 Team Leader - SLT

Mrs Churchouse


Mrs Churchouse (BSc QTS SENCO PGCPP) Maths - Pupil Leadership - Yew Class Teacher - KS2 Team

Mr Halliwell


Mr Halliwell (BA Hons QTS NQML) ITT Lead Teacher - ECF Lead Delivery - KS1 Team

Mrs Fielding


Mrs Fielding (BA Hons QTS) Art and Creativity - Creative Lab Teacher - KS1/EYFS Team Leader

Miss Byrne-Fraser


Miss Byrne-Fraser (BA Hons QTS) Science and EYFS - Oak Class Teacher - EYFS/KS1 Team

Mrs Spencer


Mrs Spencer (BA Hons QTS NVQ Assessor NVQ Pastoral Mentor) Pastoral and Apprentice Mentor - KS2 Team

Mr Vincent


Mr Vincent (BA Hons QTS) Computing and Music - Maple Class Teacher KS2 Team

Miss S Wragg


Miss Wragg (BA Hons, QTS) English - Elm Class Teacher - KS1 Team and Maths Mastery Specialist

Mrs Ellison


Mrs Ellison (BA Hons QTS) Religious Education - KS1 and KS2 Team

Mrs Y Dawe


Mrs Dawe (BA Hons, QTS) - STEM - Ash Class Teacher - KS2 Team

Mr Aspinall


Mr Aspinall (BA Hons, QTS, MA) - History - Beech Class - KS1 Team

Miss E Jackson


Miss Jackson (BA Hons QTS) - EYFS - Beanies Teacher - EYFS Team

Mrs Hunter

Graduate Teacher

Mrs Hunter (BA Hons NPMQ) ITT Student - Beanies EYFS Team

Mrs Wylie

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wylie (BA Hons NPMQ) (HLTA) Elm Class - KS1 Team

Mrs Murphy

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Murphy (HLTA) - Beech Class KS1 Team

Miss Fox

Teaching Assistant

Miss Fox (Gymnastics Coach, L3 TA Apprentice) - Maple Class KS2 Team

Miss Dobson

Teaching Assistant

Miss Dobson (L3 TA, Degree Apprentice) - Student Council, EDI - Ash Class KS2 Team

Mrs C Smith

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith (BA Hons QTS) - Rowan Class - KS2 Team

Miss M Chapman

Teaching Assistant

Miss Chapman (BA Hons QTS) - Student Council - EDI - Yew Class - KS2 Team

Mrs Barratt

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Barratt (L3 PT, Dance Teacher, L3 TA Apprentice) Beanies EYFS Team

Mrs Sharrock

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sharrock (L2 TA) - Beanies - EYFS/KS1 Team - Kool Kidz Club Extended Services Team Leader

Mrs A Smith

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith (L3) - Beanies Nursery - EYFS Team

Ms O'Toole

Teaching Assistant

Ms O'Toole (L5 DipEd) - Creative Lab - KS1 Team

Miss Jones

Teaching Assistant

Miss Jones (L3 TA) - Oak Class - KS1/EYFS Team

Mrs Kellett

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kellett (L2 TA) - Elm Class and Library - KS1 Team

Mrs Fisher

Welfare Assistant

Mrs Fisher - Welfare Team - Extended Services Team

Mrs Rothwell

Welfare Assistant

Mrs Rothwell (L3) - KS1 Team - Welfare Team - Extended Services Team

Miss R Owen

Welfare Assistant

Miss Owen - Welfare Team - Cleaning Team

Mrs J Leader

Welfare Assistant

Mrs J Leader - Welfare Team - Extended Services Team

Mrs E O'Brien

Welfare Assistant

Mrs E O'Brien - Welfare Team - Extended Services Team

Miss M Lewin

Welfare Assistant

Miss Lewin - Welfare Team - Cleaning Team

Mrs Taylor

Business Manager

Mrs Taylor (BA Hons FISBL) SRMA - SLT - Office Team

Mr B Tomlinson

Business Support Officer

Mr Tomlinson (L4 Apprentice) - Office Team

Mrs Robinson

Catering Manager

Mrs Robinson - Catering Team Leader

Mrs Taylor

Catering Assistant

Mrs Taylor - Catering Team

Miss Velez

Catering Assistant

Miss Velez - Catering Team

Miss Burton

Site Supervisor

Miss Burton - Cleaning Team - Extended Services Team

Mr Smith

Site Supervisor

Mr Smith - Grounds and Maintenance - Facilities Team

Mrs Smith

Site Supervisor

Mrs Smith - Facilities and Procurement - Office Team

Miss T Entwistle


Miss T Entwistle - Cleaning Team